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Ian Brennan, Head of Technical Concepting, London

In 2011 the Google Glass Project was heralded as the future of creative technology – a new dawn and the golden child of wearable tech. It was hard not to be inspired and excited, despite the ‘glassshole’ label that has been crudely stamped on it like a brand name on a pair of designer sunglasses.

Three years on, Glass is on sale to the public in both the US and UK. However, during the Keynote talk of Google’s 2014 I/0 developer conference the word ‘glass’ was never uttered. Not even once. It was a glaring omission. Glass, after all, was supposed to be the future of wearable technology and accessible to everyone – well, those with a spare £1,000 lying around. Now, suddenly it looks somewhat dated.

Glass was a game-changing piece of kit and whatever the reasons for Google not mentioning it, the tech giant clearly has something special up its cyber sleeves. There’s one thing for certain – Google’s silence on the subject is testament to how fascinating the world of creative technology has become. Constant change in the wearable tech arena specifically is indicative of the regular explosions taking place across creative technology generally. You only need to read up on ‘8 Technologies To Experiment With’ on the following pages to see how exciting the current roster is.

Amongst this perpetual technological evolution, it’s an exciting time to be a developer. However, the changes that are occurring impact everyone, so it’s important for us all to be on top of them. Blink for a second and you may have just missed the next big thing…

So, how do you ensure you’re up to speed? A few short years ago the landscape was relatively simple. Now there’s a plethora of wearables, touchables, talkables, and gesture-controlled devices. Learn to enjoy it.

Here are three ways of ensuring you do:

Absorb everything

Knowledge and inspiration can be picked up by immersing yourself in the tech culture – whether that’s by subscribing to blogs and podcasts, reading magazines and books, following Facebook and Twitter feeds, or attending Hackathons and talks.

Play with everything

Play with everything. It’s one thing to know about a device, it’s quite another to experience it. So whether that’s going in-store to have a go, or whipping out the credit card on launch day, get your hands on as many devices as you can.

Challenge everything

Challenge everything. Once you’ve got hold of a device, don’t just follow the manual. Break conventions and let your imagination run riot. That could mean hacking it, linking it to an API, or even syncing it with another device – you might just surprise yourself with what you find.

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